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Heung boo revolutionist 2018

Heung Boo Revolutionist 2018

Genre: Historical, Drama
Country: South Korea
Status: Completed

Date Release: February 14, 2018
Star: Jung Hae-In, Kim Ju-Hyeok, Jung Woo

Yeon Heung-Boo (Jung Woo) is an author of popular novels. He writes a novel to find his lost older brother. Yeon Heung-Boo then meets Jo Hyuk (Kim Ju-Hyeok). Jo Hyuk is a nobleman and takes care of people. Yeon Heung-Boo finds enlightenment from Jo Hyuk. Meanwhile, Jo Hyuk’s older brother is Jo Hang-Ri (Jung Jin-Young). He is completely different from Jo Hyuk. He will do anything to gain more power. Yeon Heung-Boo decides to write a story about the brothers Jo Hyuk and Jo Hang-Ri .

Yeon Heung-Boo completes the novel “Heungbu and Nolbu” and the novel is a success. It’s popularity soon spreads all across Joseon. Jo Hang-Ri takes advantage of the situation and plots to gain absolute power in Joseon.

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